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The origin of all good things has a thousand forms. Likewise, I too started thinking of the unique stories with a heart full of necessity and visualizing them as irreplaceable melodies from an early age along with my S8 Beaulieu. Since the early 2000s I've been working worldwide with imperishable dedication on commercials & documentaries as a Director and DoP. What I love and admire about documentaries are the unplanned, surprising moments, being able to capture the hidden and unseen beauty with a truth that insinuates the soul of the viewers. Having the right concept, the experience to grab the exceptional moments, being fast but at the same time non superfluous and passions are my key elements. Lucky fate of mine, that I got the chance to collaborate with wonderful and creative people. From the world of extraordinary creative directors to African warriors who are still doing stunning and amazing body painting work. When I've been offered the opportunity to work as a DoP on a documentary produced by Roland Emmerich - 35 Cows and a Kalashnikov - it didn't take me long to accept. And then started the chapter, the beginning of a long, wild and intrinsic journey through the intense, bright, glowing colors of Africa.

Visualizing powerful stories is what I like most. It triggers something in me. Like a painter with his brush ready to paint down his heart full of thoughts, I also prefer to have all my right tools just beside me. Like RED Gemini, RED Komodo, Drones, etc. They are the perfect instruments for the transmission of a script into an intense visual language.

Occasionally if there is some time left for doing something else, I love to melt and dissolve into music in my garage while maintaining one of my old cars. For the appassionate who love such activities, you can find out more here below.

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